Search Engine Marketing – Who’s Linking to Your Site

Re-Post from my November 2007 eNewsletter:


“Ever wonder what other websites are linking to your website?  Believe it or not, it is good information to know, and not just for curiosity’s sake.  This is because the search engines look at other websites that link to you in order to determine just how important your site is. 

On the surface, if you have 100 websites linking to your website, this would be a good thing, right?  Maybe.  It would depend on the relevancy of the other websites to your website.  If all of those websites are completely un-related to the content of your website, then you will not gain any creditability with the search engines, and potentially suffer in your rankings with certain search engines as a result.


In my last newsletter, I talked about relevancy and its importance to your website in the search engines.  The search engines are obsessed with relevant content, so if a website selling lemon-scented baby powder has no incoming links from other websites, or has incoming links from unrelated websites such as auto dealer, real estate or sports-related websites, then the search engines don’t see any relevant content that adds to the perceived importance of the website in regards to your links.  Therefore, no positive gain is received by the website selling lemon-scented baby powder in the search rankings from its in-coming links. 

However, if that same website that sells lemon-scented baby powder had only a handful of in-coming links from related and well know websites such as Johnson & Johnson, Gerber and CVS, then the search engines will have a new found love for the site and the results will likely be a better ranking as a result. 

How many relevant links do you have coming into your website?  How many links do you have from irrelevant websites coming into your website?  We can help you determine the quality of your incoming links – give me a call at 1-800-709-3240 or (352) 732-7700 to discuss the reporting we can provide. “


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