Search Engine Marketing: Relevancy Matters

This is a repost from my October 2007 eNewsletter:

“If you are trying to maximize your results in the search engines one of the first things to review is the relevancy of your website content in relation to the keywords you wish to rank well for. If you are selling lemon scented baby powder on your website, talk about lemon scented baby powder on your website – don’t just mention the product, explain what it is, why it is important to buy, how to use it and any other information that can show your potential customers (and the search engines) that you are an expert on lemon scented baby powder. The more valuable and thorough your information the more likely you will have of increasing your ranking in the search engines.

This technique applies to Google Adword (Pay-Per-Click / Sponsored Links) campaigns too where you bid for placement on a search result page for a keyword. If Google sees your landing page is more relevant than a competing bidder for the same keyword, you could potential pay less money than your competitor for that keyword, while still getting a higher listing! Why? Because Google knows that relevant search results keep users coming back for future searches so they reward advertisers who help provide the most relevant content.

How relevant is your website to its keyword terms? We can help you determine that with our NetSource Search Engine Quality Score Report. This report will give you a break down of your website’s search engine relevancy, quality of inbound and outbound links, potential problem areas and recommendations for how to improve your search engine results. The report is only $150 and can be applied to the setup of new search engine marketing plans. Call me at 1-800-709-3240 or (352) 732-7700 for more details.”


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