Automatically Tracking the Source of Phone Call Leads

It is easy to track visitors that come to your site from a search engine, a Google PPC campaign or who have emailed you from your Contact Us page, but tracking what led to a customer picking up the phone and calling you has been a bit tricky.  For years, we have had to remind our clients to make sure to ask “How did you hear about us” everytime they recieve a call from a new lead.  A simple solution on the surface, but it is not always a question that gets remembered to get asked or if it is, it might not get officially logged anywhere.  Also, large businesses might have many employees who answer the phone and not everyone might know to ask this important return-on-investment question.  But now, believe it or not, there is a way to automatically track and log how many phone call leads you get from all your marketing campaigns.

How it works is we can setup a local or toll-free number for various advertising campaigns you are doing – one number for a billboard, one for a newspaper ad, one for a radio commercial, one for your yellow page ad and one for your website.  Then, either by logging into the your Call Tracking Console or by recieving your weekly Call Report you will be able to see reporting for average call time, calls by state, zip code, time and date of the calls amoung other stats.  This way you can find out which of your ad campaigns is generating the most leads for you – was that billboard worth the investment?  Is it time to drop the yellow page ad?  You will know with call tracking.

An example of the reports available to you

An example of the reports available to you (click for a larger view)

Also, we can setup Instant Contact on your website so you get an immediate call when some fills out your contact form.  Here’s how: an interested prospect fills out your Contact Us or other related form.  Once they have submitted their information, Instant Contact will initiate a call to your business and read aloud the pertinent prospect information.  You are given the option to accept the prospect and be connected back to them live and in real time.  And all this happens within seconds of the form submission!  Imagine the conversion rates with that kind of response time!

These are some really cool tools to help you simplify and improve your marketing efforts.  Feel free to call me at 1-800-709-3240 / (352) 732-7700 to find out more.


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