Browser Wars Are Getting Interesting – Google Chrome is Here

Last week Google released their new Chrome browser, a very slick and and visually understated browser that holds alot of promise.  I downloaded it last week after it was released and played with it.  What appeals to me most is the performance enhancements that it is bringing to the table.  For example, if you have ever had a crash or lockup happen on one site bring down all your other browser windows and tabs, Chrome will put an end to this.  Chrome simply shuts down the tab with the buggy site and leaves the rest open.

At this time, I’m still using Firefox as my primary browser, but I’ll continue to watch the Chrome development.  It is just too bare for me to get comfortable with.  True, most browser’s default configuration is way busier than need be, but with 5 to 10 minutes of tweaking and customizing, you can set them exactly to your liking and streamline out excessive toolbar icons.  With Firefox, I’m using a slew of Add-ons to increase what I can do with the browser.  No Add-ons exist yet for Chrome as it is fresh out of the gate, but I suspect that will change soon.

So your 4 main choices now are Internet Explorer (Version 8 is newest), Firefox (Version 3 is newest), Apple Safari (yes, you can download it for Windows) and Google Chrome (not yet available for Apple).  If you ask me, Firefox is still the most fun and useful – if you have Firefox, try out some Add-ons for it by going to:


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