Benefits of Blogs

I saw an interesting article appear on’s website about blogging.  Since I’m finally getting my blog juices flowing, it was good to be reminded of the benefits involved.  Basically, MarketingSherpa ran a pole of 4,000 corporate bloggers to find out what the biggest advantages to their blogs was.  Here is the breakdown in order of biggest advantage first:

  1. Improving web presence through search and news feeds (SEO)
  2. Creating thought leadership
  3. Creating a channel to new audiences/customers
  4. Establishing interaction/communication with customers
  5. Generating new leads
  6. Creating visibility to journalists

I can attest to search engine presence of blogs.  I have run searches in Google and picked up very recent postings from this blog shown there – and I’m only really just getting started with it.

The article also went on to cite three factors that contribute to the success of a blog:

  1. Genuine content
  2. Regular updates
  3. Focus / Purpose

Finding a niche market, or a niche within your market to blog about was also cited in the MarketingSherpa article as a way to find success with blogging.  This can be difficult as there is bloggers everywhere writing about everything – my industry is filled with tons of website and SEO bloggers, so I’m still finding my niche.  I say dive in and just start doing it and over time you’ll settle into your groove.  At the very least, it will help clarify what you know and what you need to know better, and possibly bring you more business in the process.


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