Domain Name Renewal Letters – Bogus or Legit

Quick, what’s the answer – who is the registrar for your domain name? Network Solutions? Go Daddy? Domain Registry of Timbuktu?

Ok, I made the last name up, but if you own a domain name, you probably have received a letter from a company with a similar name telling you you have to renew your domain name right away or risk losing it.  Or better yet that you need to register it as a .biz, .info, .org, .dot or a .areyoukiddingme extension.

Ok, again, I made the last one (or two) up.

If you used Network Solutions to registrar your domain name and you get a letter from Network Solutions, it is a pretty safe bet it is a legitimate letter that needs your attention.  But if your domain is registered with Network Solutions and you get a letter from a company you don’t recognize saying you have to renew your domain right away, stop and check as it is likely a trick.  Just as if your bank is Wachovia, you are not going to get a letter from Sunbank to update your account.

The below screenshot is an example of one of these letters I have recently received.  It came from a company I have never done business with.  They are trying to trick me into changing my domain renewal service to them.

I get them too!

I get them too!

I get a lot of these letters, but of course when I think to do a blog posting about them, they are like that hovering salesman at the mall who suddenly disappears when you actually need assistance so I can’t find any of them laying around.  But of course, most go into the trash.  If you have received a questionable domain renewal letter, please email it to me or fax it to me at 352-401-0353 and I’ll review and maybe even update this posting with more screenshots (blocking any of your personal info).  If you really aren’t sure of the validity of a domain name renewal letter – just call me at 1-800-709-3240 and I’ll be glad to review it with you.


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