Search Engine Rankings – A Commitment of Time

Gaining high rankings in the search engines is never an overnight sensation.  It takes time when starting from square one to start seeing results.  There are various criteria that play into gaining a top position in Google, Yahoo or MSN.  While optimization is the most commonly known criteria, time is a lesser known, but equally important part of the equation.

No matter how well raised and responsible your 8 year old child is, you won’t hand them the keys to the family car.  Same goes with the search engines.  Search engines view new and younger websites as infants and children – sites that rank well are the adults.

The search engines don’t pay as much attention to newer websites as they have no track record of longevity.  Who is to say a domain name in use for a new site won’t end up expiring and falling into the hands of a porn site.  But a site that has been consistantly active for many years gains more trust from the search engines and has a better chance of ranking well with good site optimization.

Don’t get me wrong, good optimization is important from the start – the sooner you’re doing all the right things, the better in the long run.  Just know that a new site will take time to gain a search engine’s trust and attention.  How long?  That is hard to say – depends on the search engines, the quality of optimization on your site, your competition’s websites, number of links to your site and the popularity of your subject matter.  Don’t expect high rankings for at least 6 months in most cases, but if well optimized, your site will get better with age.


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