Don’t Get Lost in the Hype – Turn to Thrifty Marketing

With no intentions of belittling a legitimate economic situation, let’s not lose sight of all the opportunity that lies before us.  While some industries like real estate and construction have had it pretty tight for the last year or so, a good portion of us have been chugging along with good sales to speak of.  I don’t know about you, but the government or the stock market doesn’t determine my success or failure at what I do.

If you look at statistics for employment rates of small businesses as recently as last month, there has been an increase in job creation.  America is still doing business.  People are still buying things and somebody has to sell it to them.

If anything, this is a good time to out maneuver your competition.  While they stand still in a hyped up panic, you can run circles around them.

Web marketing has shown to be an effective and thrifty form of promotion for businesses.  Compared to many of the traditional forms of advertising, a lot of bang can come from a smaller web marketing buck.  How are you capitalizing on your website right now?  Are you utilizing it to its fullest extend?

Here are a few thrifty web marketing ideas to consider:

  1. Submit press releases to online press release syndication services such as PRWeb and PRLeap.
  2. Start a blog and a syndicate it through services such as Feedburner and Technorati.
  3. Create a page on Facebook and/or MySpace to promote your business.
  4. Put on a webinar.
  5. Optimize your website for relevant keywords that customers are searching on.
  6. Try a pay-per-click campaign, such as a Google Adwords, for very direct marketing to your target audience.
  7. Start an enewsletter campaign to your customer base.
  8. Create promotional videos that can be used on sites like YouTube.
  9. Use your website statistics to get a better idea of your market and how to better tap into them.
  10. Donate online to charity – not exactly a marketing tip, but it will yield a positive return down the road.

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