What is Twitter – A Brief Introduction

Twitter.com is a fast growing website in the sea of social media websites.  I’ll be honest in that I didn’t pay it too much attention until more recently – always thought of it as instant message type of service were teenagers talk about who they have a crush on or what they ate for breakfast.  But to keep up the current trends I have been using it more recently and setup a business related account – “netsourcebrent” is my Twitter handle.

For the most part, it doesn’t gel with my type of communication on a business level, but I am seeing more of the value in it.  It is a quick and dirty way to get news about your company out to a large number of people.  Of course, the trick is getting a large number of people to follow you that might actually be interested in what you do or sell.  I’m not looking at Twitter so much now as a place to make sales – I just don’t see lead conversions happening there.  But it definitely has some serious networking potential that can help with establishing creditability.

The hardest part about it is learning to speak and act “Twitter”.  It is kind of like walking into a room full of people and just talking out loud until you generate interest from someone.  But if you don’t talk to anyone, then most definitely no one will talk to you.

As I Twitter more, I’ll share tips and tricks that I pick up.


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