YouTube Over Yahoo? YouBetcha!

Interesting statistic regarding search patterns of internet users – more people are conducting more searches on YouTube than they are on Yahoo!  While YouTube is undeniably a mega-popular site now, this struck me as a fasinating stat.  Let’s be honest, did most of us even know what YouTube was two years ago?  (When I first heard about YouTube I thought I had heard it said U2 – the name of the rock band – I couldn’t figure out why all these people who normally weren’t big U2 fans where now flocking to U2’s website watch U2 music videos!)

What this means, is in a very short period of time, video became mainstream on the internet.  It also means that web surfers now have a hungry appetite for video content and are becoming more interested in watching video content than reading web pages.  And lastly, it means that a portion of your potential customers are searching YouTube instead of a traditional search engine.  And as an additional bonus point, guess who owns YouTube – Google!

What we can learn from this is that now is a good time to have video on the web.  By tagging your videos with relevant keywords, a video on YouTube could potentially net you alot of viewers.  And for those traditional searches that users are performing in Google, Google ranks YouTube videos high in their rankings, because, well, it’s Google owned and Google wants more YouTube traffic to further monitize that investment.

Now I’m not necessarily advocating you plop a 30 second commercial for your business up on YouTube and expect a landslide of new sales.  Most users aren’t searching for commercials unless they have a nostalgic hankering for the “Hey Mikey, he likes it” or other related commercials.  You might need to be creative in what and how you are presenting yourself.  Educational and/or entertaining are good starting points at developing a video that users can engage in.  But if you already have that 30 second spot left over from a TV advertising campaign, by all means, go ahead and post it while you’re brainstorming new video ideas to produce.

Call me at 1-800-709-3240 or on my cell at (352) 390-7747 if you would like to talk to me about how video can be used to promote your business.


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