Tip – Pro-active Networking on is a great way to connect online with other business professionals.  On the surface, after first joining, it might seem like LinkedIn doesn’t offer much in the way of communicating with other users – and to a degree, yes, it is not as instant communication gratifying as many of the other social networking sites.

Two ways that are working for me at meeting and connecting with new contacts on the site is to go to LinkedIn’s Q&A section.  Here members can post questions and answer other member’s questions.  Members can pose questions on a variety of different topics – and they do vary greatly.  I have been scanning the questions posted on a daily basis and throw in an answer post wherever I have some input to give, even if it not in an area I’m not an expert.  Since multiple members tend to post answers for each question, it leads to follow up conversations among the original questioner and various members who posted.

Another method of networking on LinkedIn is to find groups that members have formed that interest you or relate to your field of work and join them.  Once accepted into the group you will have access to all the communication that is going on within that group.  I get a daily summery of all my group’s activites emailed to me daily.  From this summery, I can click on discussions I want to get involved in on the website.


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