If Content is King, Why Won’t He Change His Clothes

If content is king, why won’t he change his clothes every now and again?  That robe is starting to stink…

No matter how fancy we make your site, your clients and customers are coming to it for the content that you are sharing.  Your content is compelling them to contact you, to spend their money with you, to become your loyal subjects.  Or is it just the same content that has been on the site for the last 4 years?  And is that content something you had pushed off to someone else who already had enough on their plate that day, so they tied some bits of information together to get that web designer off their back?

Your site is your online kingdom.  To keep your customers in your kingdom, you need to keep them excited and interested.

Just how interesting is your website content?  Can you read through it without yawning?  Is it stiff and uninteresting?  If so, why are you letting that content represent you?


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