Trends – Your Google Adwords Campaign and RSS

Last month I touched on RSS feeds – what they are and how to use them (See RSS Feeds – How To Guide).  I wanted to expand upon RSS a bit more and how RSS will continue to play a bigger role in your online world. In this instance, I want to talk about how RSS gives you another avenue to promote your business.

If you are currently involved with Google Adwords (PPC, or Pay-Per-Click), you may be familiar with the Google Content Network.  This is where in addition to displaying on Google search result pages, you can have your Adwords display on other websites that are included in the Google network (AdSense).  Now Google Adwords can display within a RSS reader.  Get a feed about a particular RSS piece of information and you may see a related ad displayed near the posting – your results may vary, depending on what RSS feed reader you are using and where you’re getting the feed from.  Love it or hate it for a user’s point of view as it clutters your reader with ads, it is yet another tool to market your business.

It is a fairly new rollout from Google (earlier this year) and they just released some new functionality within the last week, but it is worth keeping in mind for your Adwords campaign.  As RSS feeds become more mainstream, its worth will likely continue to grow.

My prediction is that it will be viable for some but not everyone.  Just like the high impression/low click through rate of the Google Content Network, it will still take testing to determine if this option for Adwords nets you a good return.  But it’s good to have options.


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