– Upcoming Social Media Site With Potential

I recently discovered a new website and begun using it last week.  It is called  It is sorta like but with more social interaction and more ways to promote yourself.  The basic membership is free, but some of the more interesting features do require a paid upgrade.

The above link is an example of how I am starting to use the site – Biznik gives members the ability to submit articles to the website that you have written – if it passes their editorial guidelines, it gets posted for all to see.  Just like a newspaper article can get more people to learn who you are, get your article published on Biznik can get you publicity.   Additionally, viewers can vote on the article so others will know if it is a worthwhile article.  If you post enough articles that rank high, Biznik will list you as a Biznik Expert.  All this helps increase your credibility with those that are considering doing business with you – if you were going to buy a fancy widget and you had two companies to pick from, would you buy from the company you never heard of and can’t find any information for online, or from the company that has multiple online community networks, a wealth of provided information and published articles?

Now if you read my article in the link above and you have been reading my blog for a few weeks, you may recognize the article as a juiced up version of one of my blog postings.  That is the beauty of doing a blog in that it gives you a resource pool to dip into when cross-promoting yourself in different online social networking sites.  If you are strong in at least one social networking site or blog, you will be able to cross promote yourself on other sites with less effort.


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  1. joehageonline on

    I’m a staunch Biznik advocate. Here’s what it did for me:

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