Bring a Breath Mint – You’re About to Get Up Close and Personal

I have been talking a lot about social networking sites recently, such as LinkedIn, Biznik, Facebook and Twitter.  I have also been telling you how these sites are a great way to promote your business.  I probably need to slow down and first mention that they are a great way to build relationships that in return helps to promote your business.

Make sure you are not just using these sites to bombard users with stiff, repackaged marketing messages.  Approach these sites in the same way you would meet someone at a Chamber mixer – sure there’s the official “I’m so-and-so and I work for so-and-so as a so-and-so…” but really, the best contacts you make are when you connect on a personal level and spend a generous amount of time talking about hobbies, historical events, childhood memories, sports, politics, religion, gummy bears or wherever the conversation leads.

Social networking sites are a great way to loosen up and make friends – don’t be afraid to get close to your audience and lose the formal marketing pitch.


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