StumbleUpon More Traffic For Your Site

After more experimentation with I’ve come to the conclusion that it is one of the best secret weapons to help quickly boost your site traffic.  And the best part is it is really quite easy to use.

Ok, so what exactly is

In simplest terms, StumbleUpon delivers up random websites on related topics that you can either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down rating to.  Sites that get more thumbs up ratings are served more frequently to other users of StumbleUpon.  I call it “ for websites”.  You can put any site in the StumbleUpon queue by first creating an account with StumbleUpon and then installing their StumbleUpon toolbar (yep, another toolbar) and finally going to the site you want to get “stumbled” and then click the thumbs up icon in your newly installed StumbleUpon toolbar.  If it is the first time StumbleUpon has seen the site, it will ask you to fill out a basic description of the site.  Then it will toss the site into the StumbleUpon waters were it will quickly get alot of visits.

Make sure to track your webstats during the process if you are “stumbling” your own website so you can find out if the results are positive.


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