Who to Follow on Twitter

If you are new to Twitter, usually the first question that comes up is “who do I follow and how do I get followers myself?”

Well, if you are just starting out, I say follow everyone you can.  You never know who will turn out to be interesting and you can quickly weed out the the uninteresting ones with a simple click of the “unfollow” button.  In return, most people you follow will return the favor of being followed by following you back.  Of course if you are not interesting to them they can unfollow you as well.  I’d try to have at least a few posts on Twitter before following anyone to increase the chance they will follow you back – no one wants to follow someone that doesn’t have any posts.

Over time, if you post regularly, you will notice that you are getting more and more followers that find you first.  It is always nicer to have someone come up to you and offer an introduction than going up and introducing yourself to a stranger with a follow on Twitter.

Pay attention to who is being mentioned by those you follow.  If you see names repeated by multiple people you follow, check them out and see if they are someone worth following.  Also, if you are following someone you like, go through their follower list to find others like them you can follow.


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