Websites – Not Just For Simple Contact Forms Anymore

Contact forms on your website are great.  A customer can fill it out and submit it and presto, you have an email from a new lead.

But are you using the contact form as successfully as possible?

If you are truely marketing your website, you will want to track visitors to see what marketing actions you are taking are yielding the best results.  Are leads coming from your search engine listings, your pay-per-click listings, your magazine ad, the phone book or referrals?

Take some time to determine what you want to track and there is likely a way to do it.  Unique landing pages from pay-per-click ads, unique phone numbers for each of the different marketing campaigns you do, conversion tracking or even a simple multiple choice question of “How did you hear about us” is better than nothing.

Also, how about jazzing a contact form up some or use it as a “Download Literature” form.  Give enough juicy details about a new product offering you have and then tell potential customers to “Click here to download product brochure”.  They click the button and are asked to give a few simple bits of info to download the information such as name, email and phone.

Just a few initial ideas to get you thinking.


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