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Should You Put Your Pricing On Your Website

This is a great question that comes up frequently when I speak with clients.  The short answer, in most cases, is yes.

The idea for this blog post came from an eNewsletter I recieved from Judy Dunn of Cats Eye Marketing – a professional copywriter who is part of my network of Biznik and Twitter.  Here is a link to an archive of the article:

The main points of the article are, if you are selling a product, by all means put your pricing on your site.  But if you sell a service, then you need to build value before providing a price.  It’s all pretty common sense stuff, but worth sharing if you are on the fence.  Give it a read.


Twitter for the Middle Ages

Surprisingly, it is not the kids that are doing all the Twittering – far from it.  New research shows it’s the middle age sector that is using it the most, and that means business – kids rank at the bottom of the list as the most common users of Twitter.  Full article from Web Pro News here: