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The Brent and Brandi Show

bbshowlogo1Last Friday was the official launch of “The Brent and Brandi Show” – a collaborative online talkshow/podcast I am doing with Brandi Pierce, a website and branding specialist located in Seattle, Washington.  I met Brandi online on, a social networking website that is gaining popularity.  Brandi came up with the idea of a co-hosted podcast and was looking for the right co-host to help out.  Somehow I stuck out to Brandi and the invatation came my way.

Brandi first floated the idea to me in December and since then we have been working on putting the show together.  To actually have our first episode up is quite a treat!  What has been particularly interesting is the fact that we are located at extreme polar opposite ends of the country, so working through a 3 hour time difference via phone and email can sometimes get confusing.  But it makes for a nice East/West or even North/South contrast that makes things more interesting than if we were in the same location.

Our first show was on blogging for business – yep, it’s a business oriented talkshow that focuses on how to improve your business results via online marketing.  We already have growing list of guests for the show and a stockpile of information to share.  I hope you will join us live or check out our recorded shows after the fact as they become available.

The show is scheduled for every other Friday at 4pm PST and 1pm EST.  It is being broadcast on


Finding Time to Podcast

With how incredibly fragmented our lives are now days, it is hard to find time to do everything you want and need to do.  I’ve been wanting to integrate podcasting into my schedule but never seem to have the time.  Then it occured to me – I have a nice long drive into work every morning and I have a voice recorder on my cell phone that records to MP3 format.  So, I’ve started my “Brent’s Daily Drive to Work” podcast.  Without adding any additional time to my schedule, I’m adding another tool I can use to communicate with clients.  Here is an embedded player for my podcast:

Brent's Daily Drive to Work Podcast

In addition, some new exciting things will be coming in February in regards to podcasts – so stay tuned!

NetSource News: Our New Location

This is a repost from my October 2007 eNewsletter:

“On August 1st, 2007 NetSource moved into our new office facility on Pine Avenue in Ocala. An outstanding facility, it is a huge step up from our previous location on 17th Street. In addition it is a larger facility that can better keep up with our growth.

With the step up in our office, we are also stepping up our efforts to better serve you, communicate with you and provide helpful resources that can help you grow your business. We have a lot to share, so be prepared!”