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Your Google Adwords Account is About to Expire

Here is another scam that has been going around recently.

You get an email that appears to be coming from Google telling you your Adwords account needs to be updated or they will have to close it.  Usually, having to do with payment on your credit card not going through.  It first made rounds a few months back but I have been seeing it alot again.

If you get one of these emails – delete it.  If you have any doubts as to whether it is legit and you do have an Adwords account, go to your account the normal way you would – via bookmark or typing the URL in the address bar, for example – and NOT via the URL this scam email gives you.   After logging in to your actual account, you can check you account settings to verify all is running well.


Domain Name Renewal Letters – Bogus or Legit

Quick, what’s the answer – who is the registrar for your domain name? Network Solutions? Go Daddy? Domain Registry of Timbuktu?

Ok, I made the last name up, but if you own a domain name, you probably have received a letter from a company with a similar name telling you you have to renew your domain name right away or risk losing it.  Or better yet that you need to register it as a .biz, .info, .org, .dot or a .areyoukiddingme extension.

Ok, again, I made the last one (or two) up.

If you used Network Solutions to registrar your domain name and you get a letter from Network Solutions, it is a pretty safe bet it is a legitimate letter that needs your attention.  But if your domain is registered with Network Solutions and you get a letter from a company you don’t recognize saying you have to renew your domain right away, stop and check as it is likely a trick.  Just as if your bank is Wachovia, you are not going to get a letter from Sunbank to update your account.

The below screenshot is an example of one of these letters I have recently received.  It came from a company I have never done business with.  They are trying to trick me into changing my domain renewal service to them.

I get them too!

I get them too!

I get a lot of these letters, but of course when I think to do a blog posting about them, they are like that hovering salesman at the mall who suddenly disappears when you actually need assistance so I can’t find any of them laying around.  But of course, most go into the trash.  If you have received a questionable domain renewal letter, please email it to me or fax it to me at 352-401-0353 and I’ll review and maybe even update this posting with more screenshots (blocking any of your personal info).  If you really aren’t sure of the validity of a domain name renewal letter – just call me at 1-800-709-3240 and I’ll be glad to review it with you.