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Stay At Home Moms Vs. Corporate CEO’s – All’s Fair in Love and Social Networking

Here is an interesting article I wanted to point out as it features two talented individuals that I have recently made acquaintance with via social networking – Michele Woodward and Liz Lynch.  Michele is a successful life coach and writer who has an extensive background in various business endeavors.  Liz Lynch is the author of an interesting book on networking called “Smart Networking: Attract a Following In Person and Online” that I have started reading.

The article is really an interview of Liz by Michele on Michele’s blog.  Here is an excerpt:

“What’s really great about networking now is all of the online options that are available that you can do on your own time and without having to leave the house. An at-home mom can start to build her online network on LinkedIn and Facebook, and connect with folks she already knows. That way she gets on the radar screens of her old colleagues and can reach out to them much more easily once she’s ready to start exploring her options. She can also start a business blog where once a week she can comment on news and trends in her industry. This is important because once she gets into job mode again, hiring managers are going to Google her. When her blog comes up and they read her insights and wisdom, it might just tip the scales in her favor.”

Blogs and social media are playing more heavily into the hiring process of many businesses, both large and small.  Liz points out how these tools can help build credibility in the job hunting arena as well as with potential customers you are looking to woo.

Read the interview here.


Who to Follow on Twitter

If you are new to Twitter, usually the first question that comes up is “who do I follow and how do I get followers myself?”

Well, if you are just starting out, I say follow everyone you can.  You never know who will turn out to be interesting and you can quickly weed out the the uninteresting ones with a simple click of the “unfollow” button.  In return, most people you follow will return the favor of being followed by following you back.  Of course if you are not interesting to them they can unfollow you as well.  I’d try to have at least a few posts on Twitter before following anyone to increase the chance they will follow you back – no one wants to follow someone that doesn’t have any posts.

Over time, if you post regularly, you will notice that you are getting more and more followers that find you first.  It is always nicer to have someone come up to you and offer an introduction than going up and introducing yourself to a stranger with a follow on Twitter.

Pay attention to who is being mentioned by those you follow.  If you see names repeated by multiple people you follow, check them out and see if they are someone worth following.  Also, if you are following someone you like, go through their follower list to find others like them you can follow.