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Google Options are Good Options

If you haven’t noticed yet when performing a search in Google, you now have the ability to click on a text link in the top left of the search results that says “Show options”.  Pretty nifty, eh?

Yep, Google is rolling out new features because, well, because they’re Google, but also to compete with other specialized search engines including Twitter’s ability to offer real time search and the search options on Microsoft’s new search engine.

One of the nicest aspects of these new search options for site owners is how it gives you additional criteria to optimize your content for.  Instead of rewriting the wheel, here is a great article from WebProNews that gives a nice summary of all the details:


How Long Has That Domain Name of Yours Been Around?

The length of time that you have owned a domain name has a some influence on how Google views your website.  This is because Google wants to avoid spammers as much as possible.  Spammers will frequently buy up discarded domain names and attach them to a spam-oriented website.  Since these sites muck up Google’s search results, Google is a bit leary with any site that has a fresh domain name registration as it may suspect spam.  Also, new websites with new domain names are not yet well established.  Google does not want to risk a high ranking for a website that just might be a short term site.  Quality listings are what Google wants.  Websites that have been online for a long time with a long standing domain name are viewed as higher in quality to Google.

If you have your domain name registered for 10 years out as opposed to year-to-year, then Google assumes you have more expectations of being around for the long haul.  Renew your domain name for large chunks at a time if possible, as it gives Google more warm vibes about your site.

Google = Busy

So Google big hitters Matt Cutts and Maile Ohye recently shared during a question and answer session that Google made over 450 changes to its search algorithm last year.  That means that Google changed it’s mind over 450 times on how it decided to rank websites.

Over 450 times!

Granted, many of these changes were minor tweaks, but still, those Google geeks stay busy.

So what does this mean to you?  Specifically that you need to stay on top of your website rankings and making sure that your site is properly search engine optimized for right now, not for a year ago.  A static or abandoned website equals a dead website.  You need to stay busy with your website because Google stays busy with it too.  If you get too far behind Google, you may have less search engine visibility as a result.

In most cases, Google is the main artery for your online traffic.  It brings you business so don’t ignore it.  If you don’t have time in your schedule to keep up with Google, make sure you hire somebody that can.

Google Turns 10

Google Turns 10 Today!

Google Turns 10 Today!

Google, the rulers of planet earth, turns 10 today.  It is amazing that such a young company has risen so far in so little time.  It wasn’t that long ago when it was just one of many search engines that you had to focus SEO efferts on.  Now, it demands the bulk of our time.

In addition to search, they have also developed quite a stable of useful and fun tools as well.  Do the following names ring a bell: GMail, Blogger, Picasa, Adwords?  All Google.  How about Google Earth, Google Reader, Google Docs, Google Desktop, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Checkout?  Well, ok, the word “Google” in the names gives those away…  And now, just in the last month we have Google Chrome, the new Google browser and Google Android, the new Google mobile phone platform.

It will be very interesting to see what the next 10 years will bring.