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Evernote – A Handy Tool to Stay Productive


If you are like me you have notes in a million different places, a voice recorder when on the go (that you always forget when you need), a gazillion internet bookmarks, a stack of scribbled note pads and folders in and out of your “My Documents” folder and on 12 different color coded thumb drives.  That is not counting the older CD and DVD backups of your computer’s last hard drive as well as the various external hard drives that are hiding somewhere behind that tangled mess of of network cables.

Now there is one place to put all your ideas where you won’t forget them – Evernote.  Evernote organizes all of you ideas in one central location online so you can access them anywhere.  And when you’re inbetween computer access, you can use your mobile phone to access your Evernote account, take and upload photos, make and upload a new voice memo as well as send a text note.

Organize your ideas into folders, search by keyword tags, convert photos of text documents into searchable text, take snapshots of web pages you want to remember for later, geo-code the information you gather and so much more.  I gather a lot of ideas for work in Evernote.  I tend to also take photos of things using my mobile phone via Evernote, I tag it, give it a description, assign it to a folder – it is then automatically uploaded to my Evernote account where I can access it later.

Give it a try to see if it works for you: