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Internet Explorer 8 and Site Compatibility

Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) last week, and we’re already seeing a lot of incompatibility issues with pre-existing websites.  Microsoft is taking a lot of flak on this newest browser due to them touting it as being a standards compliance browser, but it is actually ranking lower in compliance than all the other major browsers on the scene – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Some of the main issues we are seeing are issues with Javascript and the handling of modal windows – pop-up windows that are very commonly used for displaying overlaying content on a webpage.

What this means to your website is that you need to check it in IE8 to see if it is working correctly in this new browser.  It also means you might have to make a decision on what version of IE you want your site to be coded for.  As more browsers enter the scene and more versions of those browsers are released, having a site that is 100% compatible with all internet users is not achieveable.