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Further Exploring of Twitter

I wanted to do a post on Twitter highlighting all the pros and cons and then remembered Chris Brogan has already written an excellent article on this very topic.  Twitter is one of those social media tools that you can get a lot out of if you take the time to use it and get over the initial uneasiness of telling the world what you’re doing at that exact moment.  But at the same time, it helps to know what you can expect to get out of it before jumping in.  While I find Twitter a great tool, I realize it is not for everybody – but it is for mostbody!

Chris Brogan is a top user of Twitter and a high profile blogger.  As a Twitter user myself, he is part of my collective Twitter knowledge stream since I follow him and he also follows me.  To me, this is the most powerful aspect of Twitter in that I have instant access to resources that extend my own knowledge base.  Who you pick to follow determines how successful your venture into Twitterland will be.

Here’s Chris’s article: