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Internet Explorer 6? It’s Time You Upgrade.

IEiconAre you still using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 to view websites?  If so, it is time you upgrade.  Internet Explorer 6 (also referred to as IE6) is a pretty ancient browser.  I know it doesn’t sound that old, since the newest version is only Internet Explorer 8, but trust me, the number of years between those two versions is more than a handful of fingers to count.

IE6 can not take advantage of many of the newest web technologies – or if they do, the pages will be rendered incorrectly or be buggy in operation.  Security is not as strong as current browsers, leaving you more at risk to hackers and phishing attacks.  The feature set is also lacking, as tabbed browsing didn’t come along until IE7.  What?  Don’t know what tabbed browser windows are?  See how behind the times you are! 😉

If you are an AOL user, note that AOL uses Internet Explorer as the code base for it’s browser.  I’m no AOL expert, but I do believe IE6 is the platform.  So, AOL users, this post is for you too.

Upgrading to a modern browser is easy, so not doing so is only shooting yourself in the foot.  If you have IE6 and love the browser so much you don’t want to part with it, just point your mouse over to to download IE8 for free.  IE is still a good browser, so the newest version will get the job done for you.  However, if you want to live a little and hang with the internet in-crowd, the following browsers are all free to use and are arguably better choices than IE:

Firefox-iconMozilla Firefox – This is THE alternative browser to use and the one with the most market share behind IE.  It is also a fun browser to use with a ton of ways to customize it to suit your needs.  It’s also very easy to import your IE favorites so you don’t lose any of your bookmarks that you built up on IE.

Bottom Line: This has been my primary browser for a few years now.

chromeiconGoogle Chrome – Yep, Google does it all!  Last year Google released Chrome and it is a very worthwhile browser to look into.  It is very spartan in its presentation with only a minimal amount of things to click on.  For me, this took some getting used to, but once I did I found it a refreshing approach.

Bottom Line: The browser has been rock solid in the 6 or so months of daily use I have put on it – I honestly can’t recall it ever crashing or freezing up.

safariiconApple Safari – Even if you are on a PC, you can still use Apple’s Safari browser.  I haven’t used this one as much, but the times I did I found it to be an excellent application that is both usable and high in performance.  Version 4 is the newest version.

Bottom Line: If you like Apple stuff, then this one is a safe recommendation.

FlockiconFlock – Here’s your chance to really be cutting edge cool and start using a browser that most people don’t know about.  Flock is basically a modified Firefox browser than is specifically tailored for social media websites.  You get (most) of the benefits of Firefox (some add-on customizations are not compatible) and a ton of social networking management features to keep you up all night.

Bottom Line: If you spend a lot of time jumping around from website to website while chatting on Twitter and Facebook (as well as a long list of other social media sites), then definitely give Flock a try.

I have at least 3 different browsers open at any given time.   Not that I need more than one, but I like to experiment with what is available.  If forced to pick, right now I’m using Flock most.  But I still don’t have it loaded up with all the customizations that I have done to Firefox.  So, I’ll call it a tie between Flock and Firefox.  A close second is Chrome due to it’s robust nature – it is by far the most stable browser of the bunch from my experiences.  If stability is more important than feature-set, then go with Chrome.

Remember, if you are on AOL, you don’t have to use AOL’s browser – and I recommend you don’t.  You have the same freedom of choice in browsers too.

There are even more choices out there too, but these are the primary ones and they are all excellent alternatives to the out-dated Internet Explorer 6.


Browser Wars Are Getting Interesting – Google Chrome is Here

Last week Google released their new Chrome browser, a very slick and and visually understated browser that holds alot of promise.  I downloaded it last week after it was released and played with it.  What appeals to me most is the performance enhancements that it is bringing to the table.  For example, if you have ever had a crash or lockup happen on one site bring down all your other browser windows and tabs, Chrome will put an end to this.  Chrome simply shuts down the tab with the buggy site and leaves the rest open.

At this time, I’m still using Firefox as my primary browser, but I’ll continue to watch the Chrome development.  It is just too bare for me to get comfortable with.  True, most browser’s default configuration is way busier than need be, but with 5 to 10 minutes of tweaking and customizing, you can set them exactly to your liking and streamline out excessive toolbar icons.  With Firefox, I’m using a slew of Add-ons to increase what I can do with the browser.  No Add-ons exist yet for Chrome as it is fresh out of the gate, but I suspect that will change soon.

So your 4 main choices now are Internet Explorer (Version 8 is newest), Firefox (Version 3 is newest), Apple Safari (yes, you can download it for Windows) and Google Chrome (not yet available for Apple).  If you ask me, Firefox is still the most fun and useful – if you have Firefox, try out some Add-ons for it by going to: